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SWIMM - "Man's Man" Video

We're happy to welcome SWIMM to the Hit City family today with the release of their new ode to hyper masculinity "Man's Man" and its tantalizing new video. 

In the new video, the L.A. psych duo explore the phenomenon of "crumbing," while tackling gender insecurities in a tongue-in-cheek and strangely engaging fashion. The band gave Impose Magazine some context:

"Man's Man" is poking fun at a few social behaviors I find myself surrounded by living in L.A. One is navigating our way through heartbreak and even overcoming the mighty ego via the wondrous and tactical 'New Age life kit'. The second issue at hand in "Man's Man" is the over objectification and hyper-sexualization of women on social media. If all you see all day is photoshopped pictures of girls looking perfect then there is a part of your brain that is going to tell you, "Hey man! You deserve a girl that looks like that!" It is pretty gross. This has become even more relevant obviously in the last two weeks of our exemplary political race. I don't find any way of relating to the Trumps or Billy Bushes of the world that legitimately believe they are entitled to well... we know. Yuck yuck.