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Many Voices Speak - "Blue Moon"

Following Many Voices Speak's debut single "Video Child," the Swedish singer has pulled a page from the Great American Songbook with her tender cover of "Blue Moon".

Many Voice Speak’s “Blue Moon” is an outtake from the recording sessions for her debut EP, Away for All Time, which is out Oct. 28. Matilda Mård explained the origin of her cover to Noisey:

"I rediscovered this song a couple of years ago, watching the '80s TV-series Fame. There's an episode where Dominique Dunne makes a guest appearance, just a few years before she was murdered by her ex-boyfriend. She plays a girl from the street and she is singing 'Blue Moon' on her audition for the music school. Even though it's staged as a failed audition, there was something in her shaky performance that unexpectedly moved me deeply. The cover is as much a tribute to the original song as it is a tribute to Dominique Dunne."

You can watch that clip of Dominique Dunne in Fame below.