Our Favorite DJs' Guide to L.A. With Daniel.T. & Cooper Saver

We're lucky to call a couple of Los Angeles' finest DJs, Daniel.T. and Cooper Saver, our close friends. And while our lives overlap frequently — such as with their label Distant Works taking over our A Sunday Kind of Love party Upstairs at Ace Hotel tonight — there's still plenty about our city's dance and DJ scene that's a mystery to us. In hopes of correcting this, we asked the guys for a primer on the local go-to spots — read on below and map it out here.


Sleepless is a recurring event held by Dublab at the Music Center at the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion. There are multiple rooms showcasing live music, visual projections, and some of the best DJs in the city. What really sold me on Sleepless is that there is even an ambient music room with pillows for you to lay down and take a nap if you feel like it. — Daniel.T.

The Rooftop at Ace Hotel Downtown LA

It's great to have a casual, low stress go-to option where some of your friends will be playing fantastic records on any given night of the week. Plus, I can bring my parents there without freaking them out. The frozen drinks are a nice touch too. I find myself on the roof quite often, but the downstairs theater is totally amazing. — Cooper Saver

The Echo

It's such a great room for both live music and DJs. I have many fond memories of this place including LCD Soundsystem, Hot Chip, the Juan Maclean and Cut Copy's first L.A. shows. It's also home to Funky Sole which is one of the best weekly parties this city has to offer. One of my other favorite parties, Funkmosphere, just did a New Years event at the Echo and it was so tite. — DT


We're incredibly fortunate to have a place like this where music and art can come together in unique and innovative ways for people of all interests, scenes, communities, or whatever. I've always enjoyed all of the Dublab events presented here. — CS

Far Away

No one in this town is doing a better job bringing out the kinds of DJs I love than Cooper and his series of Far Away parties. Some recent highlights for me have been Young Marco, Jacques Renault, Lloydski, Jack J and Tom Noble. — DT


Spotlight is a secret late night warehouse party run by my friend (and very talented DJ) Chris Cruse. I know what you're thinking — you've been to a lot of warehouse parties in L.A. and they're all the same. Well, I'll tell you right now that this is not what you're imagining. This is the best party in L.A. and one of the best in the country. You'll have to do your homework to find out when and where it's happening. I've seen everyone from Prosumer to Justin Vandervolgen there and it's always unforgettable. — CS


Skateland in Northridge is a true cultural gem of this city. I don't want to spoil too much, but go on Sunday nights while DJ Clyde the Glide is spinning and you'll see what I mean. — DT

Hyperion Tavern

This very small somewhat hidden hangout in Silverlake is a favorite spot of mine for random, one-off intimate gatherings hosted by some of the most creative artists and musicians in L.A. It's a strange spot with a DIY feel and it's not even open every night of the week. From the dark techno of The Black Lodge to occasional takeovers by Ariel Pink & Co., there's always good variety. — CS

Record Jungle

This Montebello record shop is definitely my favorite place to find music. They do a very good job of cycling through their stock. I feel like every time I look through the new arrivals there is a whole new batch of records. They announce crazy sales via their Instagram account so be sure to follow them. For example they recently gave away their huge dollar bin section for free. This place rules. — DT

Independent Label Market

This only happens once a year in L.A. but it's a great time. Records are alive and well, and our city is home to a ton of incredible labels. This is your chance to check out everything at once and kick it with a bunch of fellow nerds all day long. I love it! — CS