10 Records for $10: Dollar Bin Diving With Daniel.T. & Cooper Saver

The record store $1 bin is a bit of a paradox. The lure of cheap vinyl is undeniable, but one can't help but discredit and ignore it — if there was anything worthwhile in there, it wouldn't be on sale for just a buck, right? Not exactly. 

We recruited our good buds Daniel.T. and Cooper Saver, a couple of our city's finest DJs, to see what gems might be found for a bargain. With $10 between them, we sent them treasure hunting at the Record Jungle in Montebello and they came back with a solid grip of goods.

Check out their picks below or hear them live for yourself at tonight's A Sunday Kind Of Love with Yours Truly upstairs at Ace Hotel Downtown Los Angeles.


Ronnie Laws: Fever

Daniel.T.: This is some jazz funk that came out on Blue Note. Besides having an amazing cover, there are a couple tunes on here, particularly this one called "Captain Midnight."

Trommeltanz: "Din Da Da"

Cooper Saver: I heard this for the first time when my friend Mark Seven from Stockholm played it at my warehouse party, and it was the highlight of the night. It was the craziest shit ever and I hadn’t heard it before, and everybody else had. Dan was like, “You have to know this...” so I was stoked to find it today.

The Egyptian Lover: The Alezby Inn

Daniel.T.: When Ron and I DJ'ed together as Cosmic Kids, we use to play this one a lot. It was Ron’s copy, I didn’t have one, so now I do. The song is brilliantly named "The Alezby Inn". Classic west coast electro funk from one of the leaders of that scene.

Warp 9: NUNK (New Wave Funk)

Cooper Saver: I had no idea what this was. It said "new wave funk", which was intriguing. And I saw that Jellybean was behind it, and it was a good year too, '82, so I went with it. And the instrumental is awesome. Sounds just like new wave funk.

Eddie Kendricks: People... Hold On

Daniel.T.: This Eddie Kendricks record, People... Hold On, is my favorite find of the day. It's a classic soul record that my buddy Zach Cowie turned me on to. I usually see it for like $20, so it was cool to see it in the dollar bin. It's all really good, but for me it's all about, "Girl You Need a Change of Mind."

Queen Samantha: Funky Celebration

Cooper Saver: Queen Samantha is dope. I only know her other 12” that I have, called “Take A Chance”, and it's kinda like a disco classic, so I just trusted the name. "Funky Celebration" sounded great on first listen.

Montell Jordan: This Is How We Do It

Daniel.T.: I didn’t have this, so why the hell not.

Pointer Sisters: Dare Me

Cooper Saver: I heard a lot on the radio growing up, before i knew anything about dance music. I listened with my parents driving to school back in the day, and it kinda stuck with me so I consider it a classic. Its a party jam.

Thin Lizzy: Johnny the Fox

Daniel.T.: The reason this record is great is because of the song "Johnny the Fox meets Jimmy the Weed". There's a drum break in the beginning that has been sampled a lot in hip-hop, and the whole song is really good, but that was why I picked this up. Also, Thin Lizzy kicks ass.

Claudja Barry: Hot To The Touch

Cooper Saver: This is tight. The original is a bit intense, a little too level-10 for me, but the instrumental is really sick. Just like dubby, Paradise Garage-style, slammer — definitely good for the peak-time hours. All of her stuff is going to be good, you just have to sift through all the versions because there are always like 10 different mixes.