Casual Nudity With Danny Lane of Cologne

When he isn't making off kilter bangers as one half of Cologne, Danny Lane is shooting photos — portraits, documentary, commissioned work, what have you. In his series Casual Nudity, Danny desexualizes his subjects with honest storytelling.

Casual Nudity. I know this collection of photos seems rather heteronormative. I know. My goal, however, was to try and desexualize each subject and tell an honest story. Yes - I am a young guy and these are all attractive young women. There is an element of kink to that. I understand. But someone told me recently that Casual Nudity reminded them of "the morning after." I am okay with that..I would never shoot "the night of." Someone also said it has a "I wonder if that's what my cute neighbor looks like naked" vibe to it. I am okay with that too. We all have naked bodies and we all wonder. This is natural.

I don't mean to turn anyone on by presenting this collection of nudes. Really, I want to promote a natural, positive image of the female body - something that genderlessly comes up in conversations all the time. Something that should be celebrated appropriately. I really love the way Degas painted women. Impressionism. Is that what this is? I hope so..

Each woman in this series is such a wonderful woman. Really and truly. More than anything, this series makes me feel appreciative to have found trust in art with the hope that art bleeds into life. I think it does. 

Check out more of Danny's photos at his website and give his electro funk jam "Mine" a listen while you're at it.