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Only You & Michael Jackson's Unstoppable Masterpiece 'Thriller'

Photo by Lauren Wade

Photo by Lauren Wade

"What can I say that hasn’t been said? This is by far my favorite record, if not at the very least, firmly in my top 3. Sorry, not sorry. 

Thriller is UNSTOPPABLE. Every song has a pulse of it’s own. It's a dance album for fucking dancers. I come back to it, not just because it’s the best selling record of all time, but because I am a proud child of the '80s, and Michael Jackson is in my generation's Elvis

In 1982, four years before I was born, Jackson reunited with prolific producer Quincy Jones to record, Thriller, in fact Mike’s sixth studio album. We hear Michael in his prime at the tender age of 24, vocals soaring, burning with swagger. I mean he's the real deal. Just watch the videos for "Beat It" and "Billie Jean" to get blown the fuck away by his moves on this album.

Thriller kicks off strong with "Wanna Be Startin' Somethin," then it keeps things flirty with "Baby Be Mine" — I really really love Michael’s melody on this one. Super confident jam, check it out. Then of course we have "The Girl is Mine" (dude, for real, who is this bitch?), an almost too cutesy duet with Sir Paul McCartney followed by the title track, fucking "Thriller." The iconic horror flick-inspired song literally [still] induces goosebumps as howling pulls you out of your chair into a werewolf nightmare. It is because of this track specifically I have to get down on bended knee and say thank you Michael, "Thriller" is incredible. 

Packed with whip tight snare hits, funky ass guitar rhythms, Jackson makes it clear he’s still on a mission to make you get up and dance and he’s not taking ’sorry bro’ for an answer. He’s all over you with each bangin' chorus. I mean really, WTF. While these days I tend to worship old stars like Brenda Lee and Dione Warwick, my inner spirit is always waiting for an MJ bump. We love you Michael and your fans miss you deeply. Happy Halloween you freaky beast you."