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Korey Dane: A Day in 24 Exposures

The day in short: Lera and I went to Cafe 101. Walked home. Dropped off a plant to our friend for his birthday. I took Sunset to Brentwood to record a new song with Tony Berg. Came home and recorded a live video in the basement. Walked to another local diner, Astro — where the Youngblood cover was shot.

I've been going to Cafe 101 for years. I end up there at all hours. Usually scrounging up a dollar so I can listen to "Mind Games", "Close To Me" and "Lost In The Supermarket" on the jukebox. Three songs a night at 101 has been the mantra for a while. Lera and I went for a late breakfast, listened to a few songs, and split. 

There's a few nurseries and flower shops that I frequent in and around my neighborhood. Before heading to the Westside to record with Tony, Lera and I dropped off a plant to our friend for his birthday.

Marshall picked me up and we took Sunset to Brentwood. I never really stop working with Tony. It goes unspoken but we're starting the new record right now. Everyone knows it too, so there's a certain feeling that's really exciting. 

When I got home I started working on a live video for "The Lion & The Keeper" off of Youngblood. We hung around in the basement for a bit and recorded a few takes. I don't know if we got anything yet.

I've been working closely with my friend Joshua on a lot of the visuals and we're constantly trying to find a vibe. Whenever we hit a wall we usually walk up the street to a diner or something. That's how the Youngblood album cover was shot. We were shooting some stuff at my place and nothing was turning out.

After getting pretty burned out we ended up at Astro and the rest is history. A lot goes into one frame — or one song — and that still doesn't mean it's going to be good.