2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Cool Dad

This gift guide is dedicated to the cool dad—the kind of father we all wanted and some of us could only hope to be. These are a few products that they'll appreciate, use every day and remind them of you for years to come. 

We highly recommend gifting this streamlined and beautiful set from Kaufman Mercantile Keychain Tools. Made expertly by a company specializing in goods for the US military and serious survivalists, this collection includes precision tweezers, a pry bar, screwdriver keys, a 1-inch capsule lighter, and a light titanium split key rim.


1509 oil

The 1509 Essential Oil Bottle is a must have item that, without fail, earns multiple compliments with every wear. Made without alcohol from 100% pure fragrance oil, the 1509 scent is natural, fresh and aromatic. It is preserved with a clove of sage and hand packaged in a beautiful glass bottle, making for a truly unique and sensuous holiday gift for both men and women alike. Email the maker Sophia Matthias, the maker, directly for custom orders and inquiries.

It doesn't get more iconic than this. Our Perfect White T-Shirt is ideal for any situation. Fit with a classic look, cropped in the torso, aggressive in the sleeves and high on the collar. Sport it crisp and clean, tucked in or loose, this shirt is the epitome of cool. Tear away tag and wear with comfort and confidence. Pre-washed. 100% cotton, made in California.


A unique piece of literature from 1972 and multifaceted treasure trove, The Last Whole Earth Catalog is part tool catalog, part survival guide, and part glimpse into the culture, philosophy and human psyche of '70s counterculture. An amazing and exhaustive source of knowledge defined by the time yet incredibly relevant today, the 450 pages of illustrated editorial content includes topics from how to raise livestock, how to fix cars, and how to survive in the wilderness to lessons in economics, systems design. It's an endless bounty of knowledge.

The first time a father shares a toolkit with his child is truly special. He needs the right project, knowledge and patience, but above all he needs the right tools. The Toolkit from Real Wood Tools is the perfect starter kit to nudge a curious kid down the path of craftsmanship. It includes essential tools like vice grips, screw drivers, file, hammer, mallet, pliers, rulers, saw and a couple of bench chisels, and fits them nicely into a perfectly organized wooden briefcase. Get it for the cool dad in your life, and you can bet be he'll wear it a bit in before sharing with his future world-class craftsman.