2014 Holiday Gift Guide: For The Surfer

Surfing has been part of the Hit City U.S.A. culture since we started. These items are part of our lives and come from years of early patrols at el Porto, day trips to San Diego, and recommendations from our most trusted surfer buddies. Take a look at some of our favorite things and pass them along to the pro surfer or kook in your life.  

A surfer's Swiss Army, The Tool by Cor Surf Products comes equipped with an allen wrench, standard and Phillips-head screwdrivers, built in wax comb, leash string, and leash hook. It's made of high quality, non plated stainless steel that will never rust or strip, and it comes with a lifetime warranty in any case. Throw in your bag with confidence and hit the beach prepared.

Get into Crystal Voyager, a surreal trip from 1972 inside the vortex of giant waves where time enters space and becomes a zone of its own. With music by Pink Floyd and surfing and narration from iconic surfer George Greenough, the film's a cult hit good for a buddy—pour a libation and enjoy it together.

The DaFin Swimfins are the most powerful and comfortable hand fins around. Developed and tested by surf early pioneer Andy Cochran—along with two of Hawaii's most famous watermen Mark Cunningham and Brian Keaulana—they are perfect for bodysurfing and are so easy and fun to use that we sometimes leave our board at home.

The Surf, Skate & Rock Art of Jim Phillips: 40 Years of Surf, Skate and Rock Art collects thousands of amazing graphic illustrations of surf, skate and everything weird from Jim Phillips' wild mind. Pair it with Crystal Voyager above and loose yourself in an aesthetic vortex for a day.

For all those cold early sunrise sessions, a thermos full of hot coffee is a tried and true wonderful thing. The Stanley 2 Quart Thermos is light and durable, making it the pro's choice for keeping beverages warm long into the day.