Photo Set

Shy Girls Fall Tour 2014

During October of 2014 Shy Girls hit the road supporting Little Dragon, just shy of a year from releasing their debut EP Timeshare. Keyboardist Akila fields took photos along the way, gracing us here with an expectedly beautiful and minimalist view of life on the road:

These photos are a diary of our two week tour with Little Dragon. We started in NYC, traveled through many familiar and unfamiliar cities and towns, ending in Oakland. Tour can feel like one long drive with a lot of sitting around. But we try to find ways to break up the monotony (i.e. Mario Kart, whiskey, inside jokes, Yelping the closest Whole Foods, constantly checking our phones). Here is a peek inside our world for that two weeks.

PDX Rehearsal Setup

Brooklyn Living Quarters

A lovely sculpture next to the nightstand.

Pro-tip: portal is just outside Bergen's Bagels.

New York City

Ingmar in a leather one piece.

Mercury Lounge soundcheck.

Pre-show. Graffiti walls. Homies backstage.


Ramen in Philly.

Washington D.C.

Little Dragon prepping at Echostage.


Unofficial mascot.

St. Louis

The city we tried pigtail and waffles.

City Museum.

City Museum.

Kansas City BBQ.

Ready Room.

Lymay - Merch guru, lighting extraordinaire.


Salt Falts


Texting bae.

Fox Theater Oakland, one of the nicest venues on the West Coast.

The Crew.