Shy Girls - Timeshare

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Straightforward, seductive and sincere, Shy Girls' debut EP, Timeshare, is a six song set of devastating slow jams and woozy club cuts. With an unabashed pop proclivity, producer and vocalist Dan Vidmar brings an irresistible sensualism in his songwriting, carrying melting melodies through perfectly minimal compositions as undertones of New Jack Swing carry a punch that sways with each hook right on target. 

As much as Vidmar is part of a growing R&B resurgence, he stands apart from the herd of "avant-R&B" artists thanks to his crystal clear production. The tenderness of his art is never submerged in the muck and mire of dissonance, making for a refreshing and universally alluring listen. 

Good for fans of How to Dress Well, Jessie Ware, HAIM, The Weeknd

Available on standard black vinyl with digital download card included. 

Release Date: October 29, 2013

1. Without
2. Still Not Falling
3. When I Say I Love U
4. Second Heartbeat
5. Voyeur's Gaze
6. Under Attack