Maxim Ludwig

Maxim Ludwig - "W8 4 U"

By his own admission, Maxim Ludwig's just passing through on his new song "W8 4 U" that's out today — listen up.

Maxim contextualized the track's lyrics to Atwood Magazine, explaining this isn't him — it's a character he created, albeit somewhat in his own likeness. 

"I wanted to write a song from the perspective of a selfish dickhead because we can all be selfish dickheads. To be completely free and unbound is a basic yearning we deny ourselves for the sake of love. I always thought Odysseus was a selfish dickhead.
Also this guy is a liar. He's not 5 foot 9. Anyone who says they don't make make mistakes doesn't understand the backwards logic of that statement. He keeps conflating tenses, as if he knows that he's never going to change and probably doesn't want to change [...] I love this guy. I feel for him."

L.A. fans come see Maxim support the opening night of Calvin Love's residency at the Bootleg Theater on May 8.

Maxim's debut album Libra-Scorpio Cusp is out June 2nd, pre-order it now digitally or on vinyl.