Maxim Ludwig, Audio

Maxim Ludwig - "No One Has to Know"

Love in the digital age is a trip that Maxim Ludwig knows all too well. Today, we share his ode to smart phone love, "No One Has to Know" — swipe right and listen.

The L.A. Times premiered "No One Has to Know," praising the track's "grunge-inspired foundation, a catchy and melodic core surrounded by left-field touches from distorted harmonica and neo-psychedelic production."

Maxim told the newspaper:

"Our relationship with technology has destroyed intimacy," "Everything is public, designed, and branded. Our most banal moments are subject to consumption and scrutiny. But technology has improved one area: sex. There are so many new ways to enjoy the pleasures of the flesh and that is all thanks to the smart phone."

The new track comes off Maxim's forthcoming debut solo album, Libra-Scorpio Cusp, which we'll release June 2. Pre-order now digitally or on vinyl.