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Golden Suits - "Don't Let Love Go By" VR Video

Golden Suits has shared a new virtual reality 360 video for "Don't Let Love Go By," delivering an immersive experimental dance experience for the Kubla Khan standout.

Shot at legendary Brooklyn location The 1896 where David Bowie filmed his final video, the piece is a collaboration of dance, music and technology that takes the viewer through an emotional journey.

"This song brilliantly wears its heart on its sleeve," said director Jason Koffeman, "and an expressive, 360 dance video where the viewer moves with the dancers really raises the stakes and puts you inside the emotions."

Nicolaus echoed, "The actual shoot was nervy in a fun way, since we had to film complete takes, it was much more like being onstage than filming a video. It's cool how a cutting-edge technology leads to something that feels organic and raw."