Low Hum, Video

Low Hum - "Sunburns" Video

Low Hum takes you offshore in the new "Sunburns" music video, diving into the deep blue sea with a hazy nostalgia perfectly fitting the song's dreamy romanticism.

"'Sunburns' is about the allure and thrill of taking a chance on (and possibly losing) love," Low Hum band leader Collin Desha told Buzzbands.LA, who premiered the video. "It deals with that moment of realization as well as how untimely this experience can be.

"The creative direction of the video gave the song a new perspective and weight by exploring a first person narrative, where we see the literal struggle of our protagonist drowning. I think we can all relate to that need to survive and this incarnation of "Sunburns" highlights the motivation to hold on."

Low Hum makes their live debut this Monday night at School Night in Los Angeles โ€” RSVP now.