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Niia - "Gold Feeling" (Golden Suits Cover)

Today it's our pleasure to share a smooth and soulful cover of Golden Suit's feel-good banger "Gold Feeling" from our favorite chanteuse Niia.

Niia takes the bright and peppy song and transforms it into a piano ballad emphasized with light strings and arpeggio flourishes. She told Hypetrak:

"It's always a fun challenge to re- imagine a song in new creative way. I really connected to the lyrics of this song and wanted to try to create a bittersweet feeling with my cover."

The reworking had Golden Suits mastermind Fred Nicolaus singing Niia's praises:

"It's so rad to have someone with amazing vocal talent perform one of your songs–hearing it for the first time felt like the reveal on one of those makeover shows, the part where "Gold Feeling" steps out from behind the curtain and looks ten times better and everyone gasps."  

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