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Golden Suits - "Is It Wrong"

Today we're thrilled to release Golden Suits' "Is It Wrong," the latest from New York's Fred Nicolaus — co-founder of Department of Eagles and master of the sublime summer jam.

Nicolaus spoke in-depth to Stereogum about the single and its artistic genesis:

I’ve spent so much time writing restrained mid-tempo folky ballads that I started to get bored of tiptoeing around the margins of good taste–I wanted to write a song that was big and direct and could potentially faceplant. Like a fastball-down-the-middle-of-the-plate, Bruce-Springsteen-waving-an-American-flag-on-a-mountain type of song. When I started to fill in the lyrics on the verses, it stopped being about taste or boredom or Bruce Springsteen and started to feel like it meant something real to me. It’s silly to even write this out, because it’s in the chorus: but it’s about the agony/ecstasy of giving your love when you don’t know what you’ll get in return.