Video, Golden Suits

Golden Suits - "Gold Feeling" Video

Golden Suits strikes a chord of nostalgic bliss on his Kubla Khan standout "Gold Feeling," manifested by-way-of the middle school dance in a new music video out now.

Director Sean Pecknold told Nowness about conjuring that sentiment:

"Fred said 'pick any song from the record,' and I listened to the whole thing a couple times, and it was a hard choice because there are a lot of really catchy jams on it. But the one that I kept coming back to was Gold Feeling. It got stuck in my head like songs used to do in middle school. I remember getting ignored at a middle school dance, and I wanted to see someone really grooving out to the song and proving to his imaginary dream girl that he does have moves."

"Gold Feeling" is off Golden Suits' new album Kubla Khan, available now on vinyl and digitally