For Immediate Release, Cologne

Cologne - "Mine"

Today we release the newest installment of our For Immediate Release digital single series — the undeniable and dangerously catchy "Mine" by New York's Cologne.

Cologne is the brainchild of Staten Island natives Danny Lane and Billy Manoudakis, making poppy, quirky and electronic R&B that commands attention on their Hit City U.S.A. debut.

Their creative process was born out of an abnormal inconvenience — Billy works as a boat’s captain while Danny stays landlocked, producing tracks and hustling work as a photographer. Throughout this, the two share a thing for synths and classic pop, creating songs that are warm, relaxed, and inescapably catchy. Though their influences range from 80s dance music to Drake, they see Cologne as something new and have a very pure idea of success: "If people are like 'that was catchy and it felt pretty good' we are happy," says Lane.

You can listen to "Mine" above or get a free download in exchange for an email below.