Astronauts, etc.

Astronauts, etc. - "I Know"

Today we're happy to release new music from Astronauts, etc. “I Know” delivers a floaty, shimmering meditation on those curious stages of early love when all is undetermined. Blending thawed-out ’70s tones with sentiments of soul and echoes of modern indie guitar rock — you're gonna love it. Stereogum has the premiere and this to say:

["I Know"] is a ’70s-style soft-rock gem that taps into some of the same lite-funk vibes as Toro’s recent work while maintaining its own particular flavor. That makes sense considering Bundick is the one who introduced Ferraro into the popular music scene in the first place. The groove on this one is strong despite the overall pillowy quality of the music. “Just hold me tight,” Ferraro croons in falsetto before a smooth guitar solo enters to usher in the next verse.