Maxim Ludwig, For Immediate Release

Maxim Ludwig - 'All My Nightmares/Assembly Line'

Today we release Maxim Ludwig's single All My Nightmares/Assembly Line, an honest pairing of soulful rock and roll that make up the latest in our For Immediate Release series. 

The brand new b-side "Assembly Line" dips down in tempo with heavily medicated Philly soul chronicling Maxim's true-story blue collar day-to-day, packaging deluxe edition CDs and box sets by hand as an assembly line foreman at a downtown factory. Wondering where things went awry, Ludwig croons out into the cavernous factory, "Want to be more than me / more than what has come before," closing with the refrain repeating, simply, "I'm so depressed."

My Old Kentucky Blog premiered the track, singing its praises and stating "there is a little late ’70s AM radio sprinkled in the soft-rock instrumentation and Darryl Hall in the vocals serving as a spiritual recharge while your heading home after a hard day’s work."

The release comes just in time for the Halloween spookiness, sparked by A-side "All My Nightmares" and its gorgeously shot but altogether unnerving video.