Maxim Ludwig, For Immediate Release

Maxim Ludwig - "All My Nightmares"

Today it's our pleasure to announce the next release in Hit City U.S.A.'s For Immediate Release digital single series — Maxim Ludwig's "All My Nightmares."

It's an honest, soulful number driven by a serious groove and a three-part saxophone section, as Ludwig carries on the tradition of great rock and roll instigators chronicling that worst case scenario when one's dreams turn to nightmares (and "all my whispers turn to screams"). 

“I wrote that song about what happened with my band, music, ‘career,’ about how it’s always brightest before the dusk, about guilt and revenge, but something you can dance to." Maxim told us. "Then as I wrote the verses I realized it wasn’t about external forces, it’s about self-sabotage and self-destruction. How the struggle is not the old crap of 'not having regrets,' but how you learn to live with your regrets."

The track is a fitting accompaniment to the arriving spookiness of Halloween, and one that is accentuated with a gorgeously shot but altogether unnerving video — as we've all learned by now, reality is often much more unsettling than those made up bumps in the night. 

Los Angeles — this Friday, Oct. 23, Maxim Ludwig performs at El Cid in Silver Lake with his Raw Dog Band, come see what the fuss is all about

The All My Nightmares/Assembly Line single will be out for free download Oct. 31.