For Immediate Release, Only You

Only You — The Pressure/Let Me Burn

The Pressure/Let Me Burn — Only You's Hit City U.S.A. debut — shows disparate phases to the enchanting Rachel Fannan, a Malibu-native and Angeleno by-way-of San Francisco. On "The Pressure" Fannan howls through an epic Spaghetti Western freak out, battling feelings of confinement, scorning with guttural guitar riffs. Meanwhile, its counterpart "Let Me Burn," is a vulnerable down-tempo ballad set to Los Angeles' dusk pastel pallet, hitting the wax pipe just one more time in hopes of letting go of her lonesomeness in the city. 

The Pressure/Let Me Burn is the third release in our For Immediate Release (FIR) digital single series.