Astronauts, etc.

Astronauts, etc. - "Gravity"

Today we are excited to announce the release of "Gravity," the second single from Astronauts, etc.'s Sadie EP. The track is a downtempo ballad with a steady groove led by singer-songwriter Anthony Ferraro's soulful croon and heartstring piano chords, as he confesses over the chorus in honest repetition, "I've got a lot to learn, I guess."

"I realized in retrospect that most of the songs on this EP are concerned with reconciling two seemingly contradictory moods," Ferraro tells us. "In 'Gravity,' those moods are the weight of betrayal and the weightlessness that accompanies times of great change. These are two states of mind which intersect often, especially where relationships are concerned, and I was curious to have them live together in a song by way of juxtaposing contrasting keys and rhythms."

Pigeons & Planes debuted the track and had this to say:

"It eludes easy classification, pulling from pop, psych-rock, and Ferraro’s classical background to craft something melancholic and smart."

Sadie is out September 23rd, 2014, and available now for pre-order on vinyl through our web-store and digitally through iTunes.