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Exploring Israel Behind the Scenes of Mt. Si’s ‘Oh’ Video

Our friends Mt. Si recently released a beautiful music video for their song “Oh,” featuring singer Sarah Chernoff (of Superhumanoids, the Franks) at the real, picturesque Mt. Si in Israel. Good bud Garret Curtis directed the piece, so we asked him to share some behind-the-scenes shots from their special trip. 

Photography is my favorite thing because a "good" photo I take doesn't matter to anyone but me. It's more about moments than composition. It's a way for me to earn "points", which over time yields good luck and winning. I know it's OCD, but I use it creatively.

I took so many pics of Sarah on the trip because I found every opportunity worth keeping. I'm sure she wanted to kill me. It was a way of earning tons of points but also learning how to take someone's picture without bothering them which is something really special. 

Here are a bunch of pics taken with both Leica Q and iPhone during our trip starting with a few pics from the shoot itself. Thanks for the points of interest, Mt. Si. 


Bun points.

Sunrise points.

More bun points.

Gershon, our spirit guide, was useful for many reasons. Those included: translation, hot god-goss, Monty Python impressions, and the deepest conversation ever had about a grain of sand. All things point-worthy.

Foggy road trip points.

Gershon making tea. That's points.

God-light points.

I think and hope this was a concrete sculpture points.

Tzfat moon. Cloud points are the best.

Obvs kitty points are the currency of the country.

"Baby Sarah" points.

Mimicking enviro-points.

Keeping it real points.