Listen to Avid Dancer’s Unreleased Psych Gem ‘Gazing at the Edge of Everything’

Our buddy Jacob Summers of Avid Dancer has been sitting on a recording of one of his favorite live songs, “Gazing at the Edge of Everything,” that’s never been heard until now. After living on as a personal favorite, he shares it and tells us the backstory in today’s How Nice feature.

Last year when I was making the track listing for my album, 1st Bath, I ended up with 13 songs but only had room for 12. It was extremely difficult trying to pick a song to cut but when I thought about it, this song was definitely the weirdest one in the bunch, and didn't follow a standard "verse-chorus" song structure. I wrote the song on April 20, 2012, as a '420 stoner jam,' which is probably why it's so droned out and different than my other songs.

The initial lyrics were "Gazing at the end of everything," and I was like that sounds more like not happy... So then, "gazing at the edge of everything," I mean I was high when I wrote that. I was imagining like at the edge of the world and the edge of the universe like gazing out at an infinite galaxy of stars and time's just being fast and slow at the same time. It's just like you're far out there. I just changed the lyrics just as I was signing them in the studio, instead of being this pessimistic thing, that song's meaning just took a whole different turn with that one word change and then it just gave it this whole different tripped out vibe.

I was at the end of a relationship when I wrote it, so I think that "gazing at the end of everything" or "I'm sure you'll have the time of your life, I know," it was almost like saying goodbye to someone like, "You're going to be fine." But when I got into the studio it changed, the rest of my songs are not from that perspective. You can look at something, it's the end of something but it's also the beginning of something new and the beginning of what? Who knows? At that moment and every moment of your life, there is an infinite amount of possibilities and any direction you go is going to affect the next steps that you take.