The Step By Step Jazz Kit


Just because you're smoking gage, it doesn't mean you have to be a slob about it. Here are five pieces to clean up your activities. 


Don't keep your gage in a plastic bag or crappy medicine bottle. Have some pride and take care of yourself. This stash case by Space Case is durable and airtight with a clean, minimal design. 


Picking your gage apart by hand is messy, inefficient, and leaves you with a bad smoke. The Golden State Grinders-brand pictured here may seem a little on the intense side, but so long as you're not worried about it being too bulky you might as well get the job done right.


If you're going to roll one up, you'd better have something in which to roll it. There's no harm in finding a brand of papers you like and sticking with it. We dig Bambú for use and style. 


Whether it's Bic or Zippo or a pack of matches, a fire starter is key to this whole thing. No harm in getting one you like and want to keep around a while. 


For those times when you want a quick hit or aren't interested in the undertaking of a whole joint, consider a pipe. The Proto Pipe is a classic device that's stuck around for good reason. It's made of solid brass, includes a storage pod for your gage, and is made to last, with easy cleaning and a removable tar trap. It's a steam punk beauty, right?