What's Up With "Schemin' Up"? (Bro-Bonding 2015)

Since OB O'Brien's Drake-featuring "Schemin' Up" jumped on our radar earlier this month, it's been the subject of repeat listens, heated discussion, and — let's be honest — some pretty serious vibing. What started as a joke recently between Cameron and me — teased with a little bit of Twitter razzing for good measure — eventually became one of the most thoughtful text conversations the two of us have had in a long while. 

What follows is our super serious discussion — edited slightly for clarity's sake — debating the the merits of "Schemin' Up," Drake and his career and his crew, who the hell OB O'Brien is (or thinks he is), how Kanye West is a chameleon genius and some other randomness, brought to you by two guys who would rather talk about nothing than have a business call at 10 o'clock on a Monday night.

Cameron: "R u a bad ting?" - OB Obrien

Colin: I know. So lame

Cameron: That part in particular is so cringe worthy

Colin: So bad. On first listen, I had to go back to see if he rapped anything else—like, is this his only line and the rest is Drake? Basically, it's the reason why I think he sucks. Otherwise whatever. I wouldn't care

Cameron: Because of "r u a bad ting"?

ColinYes, such a bad call

Cameron: I'm coming around on him and that line. He's like a little rapping leprechaun. I've honestly got that song on repeat on my stereo right now. How am I the man stilllllllll

Colin: And how he rhymes mix six times In a row—Drake just handed him a song

Cameron: Lol

Colin: But he sucks

Cameron: He totally did

Colin: The song is good, but he sucks

Cameron: But it's basically a Drake song, like a bonus drake song w a cheesy feature

Colin: Exactly, which is brilliant because it works better for Drake right now than an actual Drake song would

Cameron: Yup, he's a genius

Colin: Well that's a bit much

Cameron: No he is

Colin: He's talented and savvy and well positioned 

Cameron: He is like Kanye, but a less complicated version

Colin: But not a genius 

Cameron: But he is undeniable and so much more fun

Colin: Right

Cameron: Like Kanye isn't fun anymore, he is complicated and brilliant

Colin Stutz: Ya but that there are so many versions of Kanye is part of his brilliance. There is one Drake, and 2015 may be his year, but we'll be tired of it by 2016 unless he does something that right now seems beyond him. It's so much easier to sell one version of something but being adaptive and changing is where you enter genius as a musician. Look at David Bowie, Kanye is David Bowie 

Cameron: Drake is Rod Stewart

Colin: Totally, thank you. I was looking for that

Cameron: Ha were you? But maybe he will be more

Colin: Who knows, but OB O'Brien is shitty rapper we can't even compare because it's not on our cultural radar

Cameron: Truly

Colin: So it goes, he'll be fine

Cameron: But could I play Schemin' Up during a Hit City DJ set?

Colin: You could, can and will. I had a vision of an all drake DJ set and/or all OVO. That's what the Teddy's WeDidIt set felt like

Cameron: Yeah, I loved that set. 

Colin: Me too. BTW I can chat now if you want

Cameron: I'm going through emails and a bit stoned so let's stick to tomorrow

Colin: All good, I'm smoking a spiff right now

Cameron: Dude Yeezus on Spotify is different

Colin: How?

Cameron: The mix is different, the first song is structurally different

Colin: R u sure?

Cameron: Positive, it's freaking me out and I don't like it

Colin: You see anything about it online?

Cameron: I don't but I just switched to my iTunes and I'm not sure I'm right. I need to a/b it I'm starting to doubt myself

Colin: Unless they changed your iTunes too. Let me know in the morning, goodnight!

Cameron: XO

Note: The following morning Yeezus had been returned to its original version and all was right in the world again.