Photo Set: Quantum Keys

I have a photograph / preserve your memories / they're all that's left you

These photos were taken in London, Amsterdam, Germany, and Rome over the past six months. 

London is great because you can start your journey to anywhere in the world from here. I've been studying philosophy for the past year, mostly related to science (physics, biology) and am currently writing on a theory of consciousness proposed by Ned Block. Though my head has been hanging between pages of books, I escape and explore. These pics were taken with various throw away cameras, which all seem to malfunction in their own curious way. As I’m coming back home in a couple weeks, assembling this collection was a bittersweet farewell to Europe. 

Amsterdam, Kingdom of the Netherlands

Amsterdam was my favorite city to visit. I walked around for three days straight. The canals were really something to see. Most of my Amsterdam pics didn't turn out, but this one did with this cool sort of sepia vibe to it. I always made it a point to walk by the Rijksmuseum as well, awesome spot. 

Surfing Augsburg, Germany


Strolling around my friend's hometown, I saw spotted some dudes with boards in a canal. I had to check out what was going on. Urban surfing, so dope.

Surfing Munich, Germany

munchen_surfing copy.jpg

Caught the Germans getting down in a Munchen canal as well. This should be brought over to America. 

Bethnal Green, London, England


I live in the West End, usually go out in East London. Bethnal Green is a frequent stop for me. I love the underground, a great way to get around the city. Cheers to TFL.

Bavaria, Germany

Deep in Bavaria, I'm looking out from a small castle. It’s a cool view for someone who is used to flat scenery. My friend's father restored the decorative paintings here, but you can't see them in the photo, because the castle is behind me. He did a really great job, though. I'll post it somewhere.

Schloss Hohenschwangau, Bavaria, Germany

This is my favorite pic. The immensity of Bavaria is eye opening. I threw out a lot of expletives as we traveled around here. The structure below is Schloss Hohenschwangau as seen from Schloss Neuschwanstein.

Hampstead Heath, London, England


A treasure of London, take the tube 20 minutes from Central and end up in a huge forest park. London has awesome parks that are super green, because it rains all the time.

Kew Gardens, London, England

Kew gardens is another treasure of London. I tried to shoot a music video here, focusing on bugs and plants, but I think bugs and plants are more exciting to see in real life. Or maybe it's just me who is into bugs and plants. They've got awesome plants everywhere.

Jo & John in Bavaria, Germany


My friend Johannes (who plays music under the moniker John Vouloir) and I on a bridge in front of Schloss Neuschwanstein. A great time and a great friend. He showed me around Bavaria, which, as I'll repeat many times over, is a beautiful and amazing part of the world.

John in Bavaria, Germany

I don't particularly like taking pictures with myself in them. Either way, the lech river behind me is cool and the trees are super green. Servus Bavaria.

Notting Hill, London

This car is called a Morris Minor,  parks on my street and brings the good vibes of Southern California. Love seeing it as I walk out.

Rome Skyline, Italy


Rome would have been dope centuries ago, but it felt like a Disney World tourist attraction to me. Good view here. 

Room Recording

Along with my escapades and studies, I've spent a good amount of time playing, writing, and recording music. Without a drum set had to go with the sample pad to lay down some  beats. My studio has been lame, there's no getting around it. Looking forward to getting back into the music groove. Got an old friend to come and help me finish a record in September.