Photo Set

Escape to Big Sur With Swim Team

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These are my favorite photos from a recent trip up to Big Sur, located just a couple hours north of Santa Barbara. It is a completely different world in and of itself whose rugged coastline sparks images in my mind of what The Bay Area and Southern California may have looked like hundreds of years ago. Truly inspiring scenery that could make any of us look up off our Instagram feed for at least a few minutes. 

Under the Pier - San Simeon, California

This was taken looking down off of a pier in San Simeon. Luckily it was sunny enough to be able to see the seaweed that was growing off of it.

Ragged Point - Big Sur, California

A little stop a few miles south of Big Sur proper. No shortage of beautiful views here.

Plaskett Creek Campgrounds - Big Sur, California

This is the view of the coast from the campsite. It’s the kind of place that makes you feel like your living in an episode of Twin Peaks.

Iced Coffee at Nepenthe - Big Sur, California

This view from the outdoor seating at cafe Nepenthe. Awesome spot to get an iced coffee.

U Look Great - Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur, California

What’s the point of going on a trip if you don’t bring back any cool photos? Making sure their outfits are color coordinated with the scenery, obviously.

Heavy Haze - Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur, California

This was taken on the same day as the first photo. Once we got down to beach, I turned around to realize that the fog was so thick It covered the entire view of the mountains behind us.

As Far as Eye Can See - Highway 1, Big Sur, California

This hazy coastline was one of the most welcoming views I could imagine after a sweltering hot and exhausting all day hike at Andrew Molera State Park.

Rugged Coast - Sand Dollar Beach, Big Sur, California

I’ve been to Big Sur a few times now, but each time I am more amazed at the rugged and natural beauty of this stretch of coast. Some friends and I were camping at a site that is about a 5 minute walk from this beach, I snapped this from a lookout point on the trail down. It was one of the few days all summer that I actually put on a jacket, a welcomed relief to the heatwave we had in Southern California.