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Shy Girls: 'Salt" (Limited Edition)


For an LP likely to be placed in the R&B aisle, Shy Girls' debut album Salt is noticeably impressionistic. At times it bears the painterly, frank essence of a Blue/Court and Spark Joni Mitchell. At others, it strides toward the progressive and cinematic. There is a striking viscerality in the crashing percussion and detuned piano of “I Am Only A Man” and in the hypnotic woodwind outro of “What If I Can.” The mournful guitar dressing “Watercolor Dreams” seems to nod to Ennio Morricone -- like a future-Western ballad. And even in the stark songs that bookend the album, Vidmar delivers swelling sentiment fit for the screen.

This limited-edition red-colored 150-gram vinyl is limited to 25 copies in the United States, each LP includes high quality behind-the-scenes photo prints by photographer Vlad Sepetov.

Salt was released on Jan. 17, 2017.

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