Many Voices Speak - Away For All Time

There's an airy freedom to Many Voices Speak's debut Away for All Time EP, conjuring a calm suiting the space in which it was created. Written and recorded in the small Swedish industrial town of Borlänge, where Matilda Mård relocated for two years to escape Stockholm's busier pace, less distractions gave way to creative rejuvenation and a revitalized approach to music. 

Having spent years previously writing and performing under her own name as a stifled singer-songwriter around Stockholm, Mård found liberation in one of the Borlänge more unlikely places — the karaoke bar. It became a "free zone" for her, she says, "far away from my own self doubts and prestige about music." After piling songs for years without ever releasing anything, she was relieved of the pressure she felt towards her own creations and began again as Many Voices Speak. 

"Away for All Time," the EP's title track, has come to represent a prominent theme Mård found in her own expression — the loss of control and how it paradoxically can be guilty of the worst and most wonderful things. Her music built on a dreamy soundscape reminiscent of American contemporaries such as Beach House, Real Estate and Destroyer, but uniquely its own, chilly in its delivery, at once pensive and liberating with a peaceful sense of nostalgia. "I've been told so many times I shouldn’t brood, like that's something bad," says Mård. "I can't see any harm in thinking, look back, remember things and hopefully learn some from that."

After previously appearing on Grapell's smooth and sax-y duet "Some Places" this summer, Mård makes her official debut as Many Voices Speak with the Away For All Time EP out Oct. 28, 2016.