Low Hum - Strange Love

A cinematic romanticism rolls throughout Low Hum's music, befitting the sort of larger than life moments that carry our dreams. The solo project of Hawaii native Collin Desha, Low Hum's early musical offerings carry a sense of risk taking in the face of emotional uncertainty, evolving with an unbridled optimism and assured confidence. 

Written, produced and mixed at Desha's home studio in Los Angeles, Collin found inspiration in his relationship with the ocean, conceptually entwining his approach to surfing and making music. The results are incredibly emotive tracks that nod to Elliot Smith, Tame Impala and classic soul, distorted in their tones but pure in their messaging as they exude peaceful determination in ebbs and flows. Just as the sea may embody nature's most extreme violence and calm, Low Hum's fuzzed out ballads are at once aggressive psych jammers balanced with a range of vulnerability.