Green Gerry - Mean Miracle

Los Angeles’ ever-off-kilter Green Gerry is on the verge of something. Whether that’s psychosis or breakout success, it’s unclear — and we’re probably better off for it.

Birthed in Athens, Georgia, by one Gerry Green, the project started out as a solo endeavor recorded in the various closets of whomever he was crashing with at the time. Over the past several years, the young singer-songwriter has been carefully crafting tin can art-pop utilizing an impressive blend of psychedelic, lo-fi and experimental songs that are often bizarre in their sensibilities with a constant lure of attraction. With a band behind him, in 2015 Green Gerry released his sophomore album, King Baby, followed by a rerelease of standout tracks “La La Lonely Maria #1” and “Mumbo Jumbo.”

At the moment, Green Gerry is trying to figure out his life while finishing up his third album, Electric Iron.