Astronauts, etc. - Mind Out Wandering

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Astronauts, etc.'s Mind Out Wandering is a substantial and soulful debut LP of surrealist pop from the Oakland group. Whereas past releases, such as last year's Sadie EP, were recorded as solo bedroom nocturnes, Mind Out Wandering shows mastermind Anthony Ferraro exploring his songs through with a live band, recording to tape through fully analog technology at Tiny Telephone in San Francisco. Blending thawed-out '70s tones with sentiments of soul and echoes of modern indie guitar rock, Ferraro's piano and Rhodes provide nearly as much a presence on each track as his own falsetto, as he abstractly chronicles a year's journey of falling in love while trying to keep his mind in one piece. 

Good for fans of Toro Y Moi, Real Estate, Hall & Oates, Steely Dan

This vinyl a pure-analog artifact that's never touched digital processing. Available on standard black vinyl with digital download card included.

Release Date: September 18, 2015 | Mastered by Bob Weston

Track list:

1. If I Run
2. Place With You
3. No Justice
4. I Know
5. Eye To Eye
6. Shake It Loose
7. Up For Grabs
8. Control
9. See You
10. Upward Swing