Kisses - "The Nile"

It's our pleasure to release Kisses' newest single "The Nile" for your listening pleasure. The track precedes the Los Angeles duo's third full-length album, Rest In Paradise, to be released Oct. 9 and available for pre-order now. Previous teases include "A Groove" and "Control." 

"If I had to use two words to describe the inspiration behind this song, they would be Rod Stewart,'" singer Jesse Kivel told Interview Magazine, who premiered the song on Tuesday. "I got deep into ‘Do Ya Think I'm Sexy?' and could not get over how much the production on that song mirrored some of my favorite more obscure disco favorites from the '70s...Both me and Zinzi are really interested in pop artists who 'went disco' — Paul McCartney, The Stones, Blondie, Rod Stewart, the list goes on. Putting these two worlds together was something we felt destined to do."