Xander Signh, Muffin - Fall 2016 Marketing Drivers

What You Should Know

  • Former member of bands Passion Pit and Pepper Rabbit.
  • Muffin is Signh's debut album under his own name,  written as an act of catharsis to deal with a serious breakup and his a drastic downturn in his health, taking him off the road and derailing his career.
  • Written, recorded, performed and mixed by Singh at his home from late 2015 to mid 2016.
  • For fans of Miike Snow, Postal Service, Passion Pit, Foster the People


A few years ago Xander Singh lost everything that had defined him. Within the span of three weeks, the former member of Passion Pit and Pepper Rabbit went through a serious breakup and his health took a drastic downturn, taking him off the road and derailing his career. Singh's debut solo album, Muffin, is the story of the journey that followed and how he made it back from the most physically and emotionally painful edges of living. 

Muffin began as a practice in catharsis, a way for Singh to untangle everything that had happened to him and the way his life had suddenly turned out. Programming machines to interpret his humanity, he wrote and recorded every track in his living room, without the intent of making an album, but rather to regain control. Muffin's sonic core is synth-pop, as Singh's creativity roams around seamless influences of R&B, top 40 and modern dance music, beaming with honesty at times best fitting contemplative isolation in a dark room and, at others, a crowded dance floor. 

From the emotional shut down on album opener "Turn Off My Love" to glitchy desperation on "ICU" to upbeat recklessness on "Love is Suicide," the songs run chronologically as Singh struggles with how to handle loss of love and, really, his own identity. Finally, he finds final resolution on closer "As Long As You're Loved," letting go with the realization that all the personal torture he endured had little to do with him as a person but in his approach to the world.

Xander Singh's debut album Muffin is out everywhere Dec. 16. via Hit City U.S.A. 



  • "A nominally synth-pop record whose joyful core has been hollowed out, leaving Singh with a semi-arid space in which to recover." — Flood Magazine
  • "I'M VERY KEEN FOR THIS" — Indie Shuffle
  • "It's a breath of fresh air to hear, but it's also a stark (and important) reminder that, even if you find yourself in the dumps, you can come back and make something absolutely great." — Hilly Dilly
  • "'Turn Off My Love' is an emotional cleanse; 'As Long As You’re Loved' is an R&B song on caffeine, trapped in a funhouse of bent notes." — BuzzbandsLA


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  • 32,000 monthly listeners on Spotify
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